Sections: Applied Statistics (Spring 2020 ECON-135-WEB)

ECONOMICS 135-WEB Applied Statistics
Fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistics studied through business applications. Topics include central tendency and variability, frequency distributions, elementary probability theory, binomial, normal, and t-distributions, sampling theory, confidency intervals, hypothesis testing, regression analysis.Prerequisite: One of MATH-105/105T,Math-130/130T, Math ACT of 22 or higher or Math SAT of 530 or higher. Students majoring in a Social Science should take SOC-210 rather than this course. Credit will not be given for both SOC-210 and ECON-135. Offered every semester. (QUANT)

Section Name: ECON-135-WEB
Departments: ECONOMICS
Prerequisites: MATH-105 or MATH-130 or Math ACT of 22 or higher
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:

Credits: 4
Comments: Web: meets online only Additional fee applies 
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