Sections: Harry Potter&LibArts (Fall 2019 HONR-290-A)

HONORS 290-A Harry Potter&LibArts
Explores the liberal arts through the lens of Harry Potter, including music, theatre, biology, chemistry, political science, psychology, social justice, and religion. "Am I meant to know, but not to seek? Did you know how hard I'd find that? Is that why you made it this difficult? So I'd have time to work that out?" (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 483) In addition to its endless insights into human nature and the meaning of life, the Harry Potter series makes a compelling argument for the inherent value of a liberal arts education. By better understanding the world we live in and cultivating skills for successfully navigating it, we can claim our power and take a more active role within it, including developing the discipline not to act until a more auspicious time. (CIVIC, COLLABLDR, HONORS)

Section Name: HONR-290-A
Departments: Honors
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:

Credits: 4
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