Sections: Health Care Ethics (Spring 2020 PHIL-235-WEB)

PHILOSOPHY 235-WEB Health Care Ethics
The United States is experiencing a health care crisis. This crisis has two elements. The first element is the large and growing numbers of people who have no access to health care, people who have no health insurance, or people who have too little health insurance because of the rising costs of health care. The second element is that once people receive health care, they are often not treated in ethical ways. In this course, we will study the roots of the crisis and how the tools of philosophical ethics can help us resolve it by asking: What is a just health care system? And,what kind of services must be included in a just health care system, (i.e. assisted death, abortions, infertility treatments, body enhancements)? (ETHICS, CRITTHNK)

Section Name: PHIL-235-WEB
Departments: PHILOSOPHY
Academic Level: Undergraduate
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Credits: 4
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