Sections: Seminar for Success (Fall 2019 HUM-190-HBD1)

HUMANITIES 190-HBD1 Seminar for Success
Student success at Simpson College is one that focuses on vocational exploration, academic excellence and engagement. This course is designed to give students who have struggled at Simpson College more tools and skills so that they can successfully graduate from the institution. Students will employ study strategies that are useful in a variety of academic disciplines, learn about their personal strengths and how to use these strengths to their advantage, and set goals for achievement using a combination of strategic planning and reflection. In addition to class meetings, students will meet individually with their instructor for weekly advising sessions and will have online coursework to complete. Permission of instructor required.

Section Name: HUM-190-HBD1
Departments: HUMANITIES
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:
No Overload Charge

Credits: 1
Comments: Permission of instructor required. Hybrid: classroom and online instruction 
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