Sections: Arith for Eled Tchrs (Fall 2019 MATH-116-DD)

MATHEMATICS 116-DD Arith for Eled Tchrs
This course is one of two courses designed for K-8 pre-service teachers to address the conceptual framework for mathematics taught in elementary school. Topics covered include problem-solving techniques, whole numbers and numeration, set theory, elementary number theory, integers, rational numbers, ratios, proportions, decimals, and percents. This is not a "methods-in-teaching" course. Prerequisite: EDUC-114 and one of the following: Math 105/105T/106, Math ACT of 22 or higher, or Math SAT of 530 or higher. (QUANT) Fall semester.

Section Name: MATH-116-DD
Departments: MATHEMATICS
Prerequisites: EDUC-114 & one of following: MATH-105/105T/106 or MATH ACT score 22 or higher
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:

Credits: 4
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