Sections: Social Welfare Policy (Fall Term 1 2020 HSV-343-HBD)

HUMAN SERVICES 343-HBD Social Welfare Policy
An examination of the response of American society to people in need from the colonial period to the present. Social welfare programs in the United States will be studied within the contextual framework of social, economic, political and ideological influences. Students will learn methods for analyzing social welfare policy in light of social justice issues and methods for impacting social welfare policy. Prerequisite: one prior sociology or social work course, and junior/senior standing. Offered Spring semester (CIVIC)

Section Name: HSV-343-HBD
Departments: SOCIOLOGY
Prerequisites: Prerequisite: 1 course from Sociology or Social Work Minimum grade C-
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:

Credits: 4
Comments: Hybrid: classroom and online instruction 
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