Sections: Bowling for Socialism (Fall Term 1 2020 SC-101-WEB)

SIMPSON COLLOQUIUM 101-WEB Bowling for Socialism
Love him or hate him, Michael Moore certainly sparks all sorts of political discussions. Conservatives would like him to move to Canada while liberals wish we could live in a "Moore" like utopia of universal health coverage and shared wealth. In this class we will view Michael Moore documentaries (and perhaps others as well). We will explore political ideologies; in particular, the Republican, Democratic, and Libertarian platforms. We will apply these to the ideas that Moore analyses and examines in his films. We will compose essays that logically advocate or oppose Moore's opinions. We may apply Marxist or socialogical criticism to current events (articles/books) and/or ideas expressed in the films. We will study logical reasoning and apply it to our readings and discussions. Whether you want ot make a Michael Moore pinata and hammer away at it, or paint a "Moore for President" billboard, you will enjoy the concepts and philosophies explored in this colloquium. (CRITTHNK, WRITCOM)

Section Name: SC-101-WEB
Departments: Simpson Colloquium
Academic Level: Undergraduate
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Credits: 4
Comments: Web: meets online only Additinal fees apply 
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