Sections: Theatre & Soc Change (Fall 2020 THTR-245-A)

THEATRE ARTS 245-A Theatre & Soc Change
Theatre can be a powerful vehicle for change, and this course will explore the role that socially-conscious theatre has played over the course of our modern era. Students will become familiar with both conventional and non-conventional plays and performance pieces that have sought to intervene on both local and global levels, as well as learn techniques for creating socially-aware pieces of their own. Topics of study will include class and race; gender and sexuality; politics and oppression; and environmental awareness. Offered every two years. (CIVIC, COLLABLDR,)

Section Name: THTR-245-A
Departments: THEATRE ARTS
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:
CIVIC, COLLABLDR, Women's Studies

Credits: 4
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