Sections: CrimePnshmnt Eurohist (Fall 2020 HIST-333-A)

HISTORY 333-A CrimePnshmnt Eurohist
Criminal behavior is historically relative, determined by the values and concerns of society at a particular moment in time. What and how a society chooses to prosecute and punish crime reveals a great deal about the values of that society. This course explores how European societies, particularly in Britain, have thought about, defined and dealt with crime throughout history. Prerequisite: Take at least one 200-level History course or permission of the instructor. Offered every other year. (HISTRCL,INFOLIT,WRITCOM)

Section Name: HIST-333-A
Departments: HISTORY
Prerequisites: Take at least one 200/300 level History course or permission of the instructor.
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:

Credits: 4
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