Sections: Foundations of Educ (Fall 2020 EDUC-114-B)

EDUCATION 114-B Foundations of Educ
An introduction to public education and to the profession of teaching. By focusing on the historical, philosophical, and sociological aspects of American public education, the course leads students through a reflective critique of our current educational system and its significance to our society. The two primary goals of the course are to help students to formulate their own philosophy of education and to provide students with field experiences in the local schools. The latter requires a minimum of ten hours working with a host teacher and his/her students in a nearby elementary school. Orientations to the Teacher Education Program and the ePortfolio are included in this course. Candidates are required to pay for, and pass, a State DCI background check prior to beginning field experience in the schools. (Candidates who plan to continue in the Teacher Education Program are required to apply for, and be admitted to, Gateway 1 in the Teacher Education Program before taking any additional education courses after the EDUC-114 semester. Gateway 1 requires the purchase of a Chalk and Wire account for the creation of the electronic portfolios, and they must at least take the C-BASE test, for which there is a fee.Consult the Gateways to Teaching on the Education Department's Website for a complete list of requirements for Gateway 1 admission.)Offered Fall and Spring Semesters. (CIVIC)

Section Name: EDUC-114-B
Departments: EDUCATION
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:

Credits: 4
Comments: Additional fee of $42.00 required. 
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