Sections: EducTransferOrient (Fall 2020 EDUC-129T-A)

EDUCATION 129T-A EducTransferOrient
This orientation program is required of all transfer and re-admitted students who seek teacher licensure but who have not been admitted to Gateway 1 of the Teacher Education Program. The goal is to work with students to meet the necessary requirements for Gateway 1 and in some cases Gateway 2 admission. Students will attend orientation sessions for the Teacher Education Program and the e-Portfolio. Several assignments are required as part of this course. 129T students will be automatically assigned to a designated advisor in the education department. Required of all transfer students, readmitted students, licensure and/or endorsement only students, and others as required by the Education Department chair.Students must pass Educ 129T in order to take any education classes following the 129T semester.Requires that the C-BASE basic skills exam istaken during the Educ 129T semester and candidates are required to purchase Chalk and Wire for the creation of their electronic portfolios. 1 credit.

Section Name: EDUC-129T-A
Departments: EDUCATION
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:
Credits: 1
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