Sections: Conformity & Rebellion (Fall 2020 SC-101-C)

SIMPSON COLLOQUIUM 101-C Conformity & Rebellion
Are you a bomb-thrower or a suck-up? Don't like those choices? This course might help you to re-phrase the question. Conformity and rebellion are not polar opposites: we sometimes conform thinking we are rebelling, and vice-versa. Arguably, a free community demands some level of both conformity and rebellion. But what level? When should we conform, and when rebel? How much tolerance should we grant other people's rebellion (or conformity)? This course asks you to think deeply about conformity and rebellion in the context of case studies from different cultures and historical eras. Buckle-up: we will take a close look at war, rape, genocide... and school. (CRITTHNK,WRITCOM)

Section Name: SC-101-C
Departments: Simpson Colloquium
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:

Credits: 4
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