Sections: Leadership & You (Fall 2020 SC-101-N)

SIMPSON COLLOQUIUM 101-N Leadership & You
Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other (John F. Kennedy). What is leadership? What leadership opportunities are available for me? How can I develop my leadership skills? In this course we will investigate these questions, and critically examine theoretical and popular approaches to leadership. We will also explore issues of power, gender, culture, and ethics in leadership. Course materials will have great range from theoretical perspectives to what we can learn from Santa Claus about leadership. Readings, experiential exercises and self-reflection will aid students in understanding and articulating their personal values, practical definition, and philosophy of leadership. Students will apply their refined leadership skills in leading themselves, others, and their communities. (CRITTHNK, WRITCOM)

Section Name: SC-101-N
Departments: Simpson Colloquium
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:

Credits: 4
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