Sections: Cell/Molecular Sem (Spring 2021 BIOL-374-A)

BIOLOGY 374-A Cell/Molecular Sem
This seminar is a capstone course for students who are interested in exploring current trends in cell and molecular biology. The course will begin with a focus on topics and papers selected by the faculty and move on to topics selected by the participants. Students will read current scientific literature and will present their paper to the seminar in small groups. The course is designed specifically to teach students how to read scientific papers, how to analyze them critically and how to present them to a scientifically literate audience. Two credits. Prerequisites: BIOL-251, BIOL-334 or BIOL-363. May also be taken as co-requisties.

Section Name: BIOL-374-A
Departments: BIOLOGY
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type:
Credits: 2
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